Friday, March 26, 2010

zeta A1 Plus

started on this model 2 weeks ago b4 work. now that m off finally cud finish it. well here are the pics of the WIP n finished product.

a1plus001.jpg picture by shin237

a1plus002.jpg picture by shin237
a1plus003.jpg picture by shin237
a1plus004.jpg picture by shin237

ok, the arms were disappointing for an MG. no inner frame and the armour doesn't rele slide.

a1plus005.jpg picture by shin237
a1plus006.jpg picture by shin237

hmmm the legs are kinda ok. but only the lower leg has an inner frame. well the pictures speak 4 themselves

a1plus007.jpg picture by shin237

ah the head. i rele love the face of the Zeta it looks so evil hehe 

a1plus008.jpg picture by shin237
a1plus009.jpg picture by shin237

as you can c, the chest id hollow, its for the head 2 be able 2 slide down n the lower body the snap up when it changes to waverider mode. without the decals, it looks pretty plain IMO.

a1plusday2001.jpg picture by shin237
a1plusday2002.jpg picture by shin237

all done, all i need now is to put on the decals.

a1plusday2008.jpg picture by shin237
a1plusday2006.jpg picture by shin237

a1plusday2007.jpg picture by shin237

a1plusday2005.jpg picture by shin237

there all done. btw i didnt wanna put it in waverider mode because im afraid i might break sumtin LOL.

thanks 4 viewing

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bd77 said...

To change to the Waverider mode, consult the manual... Took me about 40mins (with the manual) of figuring and cursing to change my Zeta Plus C1... Now its back to MS mode.

Don't worry about breaking, as long you're not too "rough", you're ok.

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