Friday, March 5, 2010

seravee full decal n amateur photoshoot

023.jpg picture by shin237

C&C always welcomed :D

013-3.jpg picture by shin237

first, we can c that Seravee is bigger then serpahim. though Seravee is much more stable.

011-3.jpg picture by shin237012-4.jpg picture by shin237

here we can c how the decals make the plain looking seraphim look much better.
Seravee- oi stick boy it's my turn!
Seraphim- shut up fatty!
Seravee- i'm not fat i'm big boned! stick boy!

014-3.jpg picture by shin237

Seraphim- Shut up! Seraphim punch!
Seravee- block! dun act so high n mighty!

015-3.jpg picture by shin237

Seravee- sey hello 2 my little fren~
Seraphim- ok2 u win... (time 2 use my secret weapon) 
016-3.jpg picture by shin237

Seraphim - hahahahaha now u can't c me :P
Seravee- ........

ok2 enough playing around. time for some serious pics

008-2.jpg picture by shin237

009-3.jpg picture by shin237

010-3.jpg picture by shin237

the decals look good, though i did mess up some of them.(not alligned properly)

003-3.jpg picture by shin237004-2.jpg picture by shin237

i fergot to turn on the LED while taking these pics

022-1.jpg picture by shin237

tried to replicate the pic on the box. failed misserably...

006-2.jpg picture by shin237

005-2.jpg picture by shin237

007-2.jpg picture by shin237

017-2.jpg picture by shin237

021-1.jpg picture by shin237

hoped u enjoyed viewing :)


rockleelotus said...

nice job! very funny little back and forthe there lol. i think this is the first time ive seen decals on a seraphim, i like it. love the light up eyes ^^

the shot are good but very grainy. does you camera have the option to adjust ISO? i think lover setting will reduce noise but i cant be sure, still new at photography myself ^^;

Luffy d Munkey said...

LOL, thanks 4 the comment. actually been using a mobile phone 2 take all my pics

Q said...

Nice Seravee Designer Colour ver there~ I really like the first image of it up close with its eyes glowing; it's so menacing! XD

Luffy d Munkey said...

thanks Q :D

rxsiu said...

You actually make me want to get a Seravee now... I'd take some sandpaper and sharpen the horns if I were you. There's a tut on gamerabaenre's site iirc. Sharpened horns REALLY add to a Gundam.

Luffy d Munkey said...

@rxsiu- can u post the link?

FreedomWen said...

Funny! And nice! I love Seravee and Seraphim. Might get this in 1/100 scale though I have the HG 1/144. Still hoping it to be released in MG! XD

Z said...

That was a fun review :)

Yea Seravee definitely looks a lot better with decals since it covers most of the plain flat spots on the model. The eyes are pretty cool though one of the photos shows the light leaking out from the neck xD

Luffy d Munkey said...

@wen- lol, this is the 1/100 scale. :D hahaha i'd rather they make a nightingale 1st into an MG

@z- thans dude, my pics are not as good as urs. btw nice Blue frame, cn'y wait 2 c the red frame

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