Monday, March 8, 2010

Question 4 every1(revised again)

1)Who is ur top 5 pilots(gundam pilot) from any Gundam series?

2)Which 5 Gundams are the strongest?

3)Which 5 mobile weapons aka add on (dendrobium, 0 raiser, deep striker, G-falcon, GN arms, G armour, METEOR,) is the strongest?

4)Which grunt unit is the strongest(Zaku, Gouf,GM,Murasame,GN-X,Re-GZ)?

5)Which 5 transformable unit (zeta,savior,wing, etc) is the best?

6)5 best MG model kits

7)Who is the best non-gundam pilot(meaning from the gundam series that don't pilot gundams)?

8)5 strongest mobile armours

would like to know the views of every1 :D


jojosochi said...

I'm only follow Seed/Destiny/00 gundam and the current one Unicorn, the rest i'm not quite sure. So just base on my opinion =D

1)Who is ur top 5 pilots from any Gundam series?
- The bad guys with mask. (i'm not sure what is name, cause majority gundam series got this guy. i know is different person, but i like him hehe..)

2)Which 5 Gundams are the strongest?
- Strike Freedom, Justice. Cause these two model using Ultracompact Hyper-Deuterion Nuclear Fission Reactor.
- OO Raiser. Using Twin GN-Drive.

3)Which 5 mobile armour (dendrobium, 0 raiser, etc) is the strongest?
- RX-78 GP-03 Dendrobium is the best!

4)Which grunt unit is the strongest?
- Hm.. no idea.. Exia maybe? for me exia look like an assassin, close combat type. MGS robo haha..

5)Which 5 transformable unit (zeta,savior,wing, etc) is the best?
- Not in gundam series.. gundam not good in transforming.. the worst one is Unicorn.. anyway i still like Unicorn.. haha.. My defination of transform is completely transform to a plane, eg Macross Valkyrie or Transformers.
- Maybe SVMS-010 Over Flag and AEU-09Y812 Al-Saachez`s AEU Enact Custom will be my choice.

6)5 best MG model kits
- MG Zaku will be my choice. Actually i haven't assemble any MG gundam. I'm more prefer SD gundam hehe..

7)Who is the best non-gundam pilot?
Ozma from Macross Frontier =D

Luffy d Munkey said...

lol thanks jojo.

1)if it's the masked guys, then ur talking abt Rau La Creuset (seed destiny),zechs(wing gundam),mr.bushido(00 gundam) but none can beat char arznable!

2)u missed alot, rx-78-2,zeta,zz,ex-s,v2,turn a,wing zero,gp03s,NT-1 alex, nu gundam juz 2 name a few

3)deep striker seems like a mini version of dendrobium,GN arms 4 00 series, G armour from 0079, METEOR (seed)G-falcon(after X)

4)LOL, wat i meant by grunt were Goufs,zakus,GM etc

5)true2, dats y wana know wat others think :D

6)MG's are great. try 1 n ul get poisoned

7)lol, shuda said non-gundam pilot from gundam series

thanks again

Gaiden said...

1) i would say herro yui, kira yamamoto, char,mr. bushido, setsuna

2)wing zero, strike freedom, strike, justice, hi nu

3)ofcouse dendrobium :P


5)wing gundam

6)strike gundam

7) currenly none for me hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hmm I'll try answering but remember, this is just my opinion so everyone can disagree with this xD

1) Top 5 pilot: Kamille(fav pilot and strongest raw newtype powers up until banagher came along I think), Amuro(come on, he piloted rx78-2 throughout the whole of 0079 and didn't need to change to other mobile suits xD), Char(He's Char. Self explanatory), Domon(hot bloodedness makes him awesome and lastly would be Banagher(even though I've only watched 1 epi of unicorn xD)

2) 5 strongest gundam: Turn A(probably strongest gundam ever if you know why), Strike Freedom(Super HAX), Unicorn(Strongest universal century gundam?) 00 Raiser(I dunno..he's pretty insane when he goes transam) and I'll choose Wing Zero as my 5th choice since he destroyed a colony with his beam rifle o.O!?

3) 5 strongest mobile armour: My mobile armour knowledge not really that great so yeah. I'll choose The-O from zeta, Shamblo from Unicorn, Hambrabi from zeta, Psycho Gundam mark 2 from zeta and maybe Destroy Gundam from Seed Destiny(even though it's called a gundam xD)

4) Strongest grunt unit: Any grunt unit used by a someone badass would be strong. Example: Heero piloting a Leo can still own gundams xD Personally I find the ReZEL or Stark Jegan quite strong hahaha

5) 5 best transformable unit: Zeta(my fav gundam), ReZEL, Victory gundam variants, Unicorn(if it's considered a transformable), Delta Plus and Aegis(just cause he it becomes one freaking huge claw that makes kyrios/arios claws look like crap LOL)

6) 5 best mg models: For aesthetics: Sinanju, Unicorn, Zeta 2.0, Wing Ver Ka, Gundam Mark 2 Titans ver 2.0(definitely my opinion) Actually any of the Ver Ka has awesome aesthetics.
overall: Sinanju, RX78-2 ver 2.0, Red/Blue frame, Turn A and lastly any of the Zaku ver 2.0 variants

7) Best non gundam pilot? Easy! Of course it's Char!

As you can probably tell, I'm more biased towards the UC timeline ahahaha xD

Luffy d Munkey said...


1)LOL, i only remember char pilotting a gundam once, the MK-II (though there is the Gundam CA ver. but i dunno from where it came from

2)no Hi-nu?

3)yup2 maybe i was wrong in catagorising a mobile armour. i think u got it spot on.

4)i agree with ya, like when packer in 08th ms team used a gouf n totally owned the whole team. n char in a zaku

5)i rele rele rele hope they make an MG of a delta plus!

6)sinanju is BADASS! though only unicorn has the knee problem. i'll gonna get the MK-II musha. it's a must!

7)agree. char nuff said

Anonymous said...

Woah wait, when did char pilot the MKII? Wassit in Zeta? I think I'll need to rewatch it then

The Gundam CA(or Casval) version is from a gundam ps1(or wassit ps2) game

I didn't include Hi-Nu cause I already chose Unicorn and I tried to include only 1 from each respective centuries/eras xD While I never read the novel, they did mention that Hi-Nu was the strongest mobile suit in universal century, and this is most likely before Unicorn was developed, so yeah ^^

Sadly unicorn's pretty much a very pretty looking brick. Articulation is as basic as any model kit goes, even some of the older MGs have better articulation than Unicorn ahhahaha

Luffy d Munkey said...

i think he did... f m not misaken. like once or twice.

well the UC timeline has plenty powerful gundams(not in order). 1)Hi-nu 2)V2 3)ZZ 4)Zeta 5)unicorn 6)Ex-S 7)F91

GunStray said...

F, I've only seen 4 timelines of gundam half I didnt finish, oh well

1) Top 5(Gundams only) Master ASIA, ,Uso, Allenby, Setsuna F Say-yeah, Jebus(kira)yamato

2) Freedom, Hi-nu, Victory V2, 00 raiser, Double X,

3) Denborium(obvious), Power loader, METEOR, GN-arms-D, Altavore

4) GM-sniper II, Serpents, GN-X, Astray-orb, Kapool

5)ARIOS, Kyrios, Savior, Air Master burst, Mermaid gundam

6) Freedom MG, GP03, Hi-nu, Destiny, Guntank!

7) NORRIS PACKARD!, Rambal Rai, Heine Westenfluss/TM revolution(there all Gouf pilots btw)

8)Quin mantha, BIG zam, Zeong, Pyscho Gundam, Apsalus III

moemoekyun said...

for pilot the strongest is heroo yui he can defeat gundam with grunts(leo) the second one is kira yamato and the rest well all just the same I quess just have nice MS

strongest gundam 1. unicorn can hax any gundam that made by AE even steal khsatriya funnel and deflect anny beam and bullet in destroy mode the second one is OO raiser what else -_-

for mobile armor all destriyed within 2 eps so I can't say which one strongest

for grunts it's depends the pilot for now it's gundam F91 since it's mass production

transformation hmmm for now it's Aegis since it have awesome beam cannon in MA mode

best MG -_- for now it's sinanju

best pilot of course Roy focker from macross

moemoekyun said...

best pilot not piloting gundam hmm char can kick gundam with inferior ZAKU II then zechs and fullfrontal all can kick gundam with inferior MS(you will see how full frontall kick unicorn in eps 2 :D )

for mobile armor all destroyed within 2 eps -_- nothing strongest maybe PSYCO gundam if you asking for that and shamblo yeah but still all destroyed within 2 eps hahahhahaa

moemoekyun said...

sorry for the spam comments add one more person to strongest gundam pilot fon spark he can beat 3 gundam single handed in astare F2

anyway there is story a ball beat 6 doms lol

GunStray said...

Just want to add something, Master asia destroyed a MS with a piece of cloth, the man is the freaking embodiment of Chuck & Bruce

Luffy d Munkey said...


1)no amuro ray n kamile bidan?
2)hehe i c u chose freedom instead of strike freedom hehe
3)wats the alvatore?(is it from the 1st season of 00?
4)wats a kapool?(sorry to ask)
5)LOL, mermaid gundam i never knew any1 wud choose dat 1
6)yeah i like how detail the guntank is
7)norris packard is the man!!
8)i only know apsalus(08th MS team) n zeong...

thanks 4 ur input :D

Luffy d Munkey said...

1)hehe the super soldier n emo pilot lol
2)both are strong but have limits. i heard unicorn can only be in destroy mode for awhile due to the strain it puts on the pilot n 00 riser, well trans am also has a limit.
4)really? was F91 mass produced? didnt know dat
7)haha all the masked men. nice

Aimviv said...

1) Amuro, Anavel Gato, Uso Ebin, Kira Yamato and Setsuna F. Seiei.

2)SEED nuclear-powered MSes,00 Raiser, God Gundam, Double X, and Wing Zero.

3) METEOR, of course!

4) Zaku II, it rawks!!

5) Ex-S Gundam in G-Fortress mode. Pure sex.

6) Either the Ex-S or any Zaku II series.

7) One person, four names. The one and only Char Aznable.

moemoekyun said...

for gundam unicorn well even in unicorn mode still have same power with sinanju hahha the problem is destroy mode drain mental energy so after using destroy mode the pilot will X_X hahhaha and the pilot ^^

moemoekyun said...

yes harison martin(blue F91) was a commander of a squadron full of F91s -_- so it's mass produced (in crossbone series)

Luffy d Munkey said...

ouhs ok, so how about banshee?

moemoekyun said...

just the same drain mental energy X_X
but banshee improved ver of unicorn or let's say copy and paste unicorn battle experience so it's stronger -_- "cheating" !! all depends the pilot! and unicorn have something "special"

Luffy d Munkey said...

u mean laplace box?

moemoekyun said...

you didn't know what is laplace box ??
read this post spoiler warning
pasword = unicorn

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