Saturday, March 27, 2010

gun canon WIP

guncanon001.jpg picture by shin237

guncanon004.jpg picture by shin237guncanon005.jpg picture by shin237

the hands r ok, sorry 4 the bad pics, using a mobile phone camera

guncanon006.jpg picture by shin237
guncanon007.jpg picture by shin237guncanon008.jpg picture by shin237

legs are double jointed, though this being a 2001 model, it can only bend dat much

guncanon009.jpg picture by shin237

This was the clear parts campaign 1, so tried out the parts :D

guncanon010.jpg picture by shin237

inner frame completed!

guncanon011.jpg picture by shin237

m liking the head, it looks good, n the visor was already in that colour, nice~

guncanon012.jpg picture by shin237

swapped the front chest armour with the original, felt it was not red enough without it.

guncanon015.jpg picture by shin237

guncanon016.jpg picture by shin237

b4 decals n with armour all on :D

guncanon018.jpg picture by shin237

decals on! didn't use much, due to the clear parts :D

guncanon019.jpg picture by shin237

there all done, til next time~ i wonder wat i should do next hmmm


moemoekyun said...

congratulation for getting guncannon :D
I still thinks that clear parts looks weird tho >.<

Luffy d Munkey said...

thnks moe now i need a guntank hehe

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