Monday, April 5, 2010

Did you know?

I've been trying to figure out if Kshatriya would actually become an MG and if so how much would it cost so i did a bit of research.....

did you know that from the current MG's that the bigest is Ex-s? it cost 8000 yen and it's stats are 25.18 meters. that's the biggest gundam so far in MG.
if we talk about zeon monsters we have to look at Sazabi and Sinanju. 8000 and 7000 respectively

sazabi is overall 25.6 meters/head height 23 meters and sinanju is 22.6 meters.

do you know how big khatriya is?

it's actually only 22.3 meters! it is just the binders that make it look like a giant.... and yes the HGUC 1/144 is 4,500 yen.  A 1/144 Ex-s is 2,600 yen and the giant monster of psycho gundam is 5,000 yen O.o

so yeah just a little food for thought :D 

as usual info and pictures are from mahq. hope they don't mind me using the photos


GunStray said...

hey be thankful were not going for a PG here, that would be monstrous as hell, or should I count it as a blessing^^;

Luffy d Munkey said...

LOL, tru tru

moemoekyun said...

of course know lah >.<
but seee khsatriya have 4 binders in shoulder and in MG form it should be super detailed and cost a lot make it a way bigger than sazabi

Luffy d Munkey said...

LOL, so how much do u think it might cost? for me maybe 9,500-10,500 yen should be resonable hehe

Q said...

If a MG Kshatriya is made it would already be larger than a PG. I can't imagine how it would be to build something of that size, not to guess the price in the first place o_o

That's why I am happy with 1/144 already. ^^;

Luffy d Munkey said...

@Q- well to be honest i've seen a few pics of the resin kit,

i dunno if it's the size of a PG,(never had 1 LOL)

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