Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another questions post(edited)

As some of us have heard, Bandai has made a poll about the MG wishlist MS survey.

anyway, what did u choose?

plus i have other questions....

1) what should the next version Ka(Katoki) be?
2)Which MG should get the ver.2.0 treatment?
3)What do people really think is the next MG after MG Wing and MG Musha MK-II?
4)What do people think the cost would be for a 1/100 MG psycho or kshatriya

hope to hear from every1 :D


all pics are from mahq.

oh how a person can only dream ^.^

til next time~


moemoekyun said...

Xi gundam and penelope gundam FTW

Luffy d Munkey said...

@momoe- wow, honestlt that's the 1st time ive seen the Xi gundam. yeah it looks awesome

twilightreap said...

Zeta II!!! Zeta II!! added you to my blogroll~

Luffy d Munkey said...

@twilight LOL thanks

Ryu Hayabusa said...

1)gundam from the seed series
2)i would love strike gundam ver 2.0
3)i hope MG deathscythe or epyon would be next. these two have my vote hahaha.
4)if they ever going to make it i think it would cost about $200 - $300.

moemoekyun said...

1.yes for ver ka I want Xi gundam
2.for next ver 2.0 I want GM ground type or RX-79(G)
3.well in every 5-6 released there always a zeon mono-eyed monster and a gundam from seed dunno might be another ZAKU II,sinanju OVA,or a seed kit(but they just released red frame)
4.for Khsatriya I think will be 12.000 yen. for psyco gundam don't dare to imagine I think will be around 20.000 yen O_O;;

Luffy d Munkey said...

@ryu- 1)hmm a seed kit with all the caution hehe intresting. 3)deathscythe would be cool in MG.

@momoe- 1)Xi is awesome!!! 2)RX-79[G] i loike!

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

i do wanna see MG Zaku Warrior

but i voted for OOR,Reborns in MG

MobiusZero said...

I chose 1.Psyco Gundam 2.khatriya 3.Noble Gundam

Anonymous said...

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