Thursday, February 18, 2010

Construction of MG GP03S

in this pic u can c the top half of the body, the waist unit and lower body. didnt do any mods (still newbie) just line paneled. ouh if you look real close, u can c the finished arms :) 

here are the legs, line paneled and used the stickers given. 

here's the core fighter, it is transformable and can be used to connect the lower and upper part ( sorry didnt take a pic showing it). though there is still sumtin missing... hmm....

much better, i dunno if i gave it too much lines, lol. as i said, u can use this to connect the upper n lower body, or..........

this part isnt transformable so i felt it would be a waste to put the core fighter in so i used this.

before line paneling

after line panneling, much much better (that's just my opinion)
Last but not least......

tada! all finished. 

it looks good :) though not very good at posing (joints connecting waist to legs very very very uncooperative)
though even without an action pose it is awesome!! hehe
C&C is encouraged :) cheers!


Shinra said...

Looks good! I just finished this kit a little while ago as well. I know what you mean about the uncooperative legs, they're a little shaky on my kit too.
Great work! I can see some leftover ink splotches around where you panel lined (on the head). I recommend dabbing it with a cotton swab, it helps smooth out excess ink and look cleaner.

Luffy d Munkey said...

thanks dude. btw do you mean a dry cotton swab?

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