Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arios WIP 2

001.jpg picture by shin237

the hands look good. not many panel lines n there is a hidden weapon hehe will show them later~~~
oh yeah, the kit only come with these pair of hands. that's an NG 4 u.

002-1.jpg picture by shin237

pats 4 the lower body, need 2 clean up the nub marks

003-1.jpg picture by shin237

unassembled front waist armour. 

004.jpg picture by shin237 

after assembly. it actually looks good hehe, juz paneled the orage part diddnt wana over do it with the panel lines....

005.jpg picture by shin237

from this angle it looks like a ground mobile armour. Its actually the lower body with the front n back armour connected. followed the picture in the booklet n inked the black part in.

007.jpg picture by shin237

All these parts juz 4 the leg. after assembly, the legs look sturdy. n there arnt to bulky :)

008.jpg picture by shin237

tada! all done hehe now i need to put the decals on. though without the decals it does look ok :)
010-1.jpg picture by shin237

011.jpg picture by shin237

juz testing out the LED light. looks awesome :P

next post abt Arios will be an amateur photoshoot~~


Faris said...

WOW Hot eh hehehe
Nice one,Pro udah ni

Luffy d Munkey said...

faris- haha pro apa nada pro pun. aku masih amateur

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