Monday, March 28, 2011

update 2011

Hello again, well these are the new gunpla i acquired during my long hiatus. In the pic we have, 
MG Qan[T]
MG ReZEL commander
MG Sazabi
MG V-Dash Gundam ver. KA
MG FA Gundam

n next slide are the models i completed.

so the completed ones are.... 
MG Zaku II Char custom
MG Infinite Justice
MG RX-78-2 ver 2.0
MG Wing Gundam TV ver.
MG turn A gundam

ok, so should i take pics o them individually? thanks fer reading!


Fon Spark (khaidir) said...

i so want that RX78 GUndam MG ver2.0 and EXs Gundam MG >~<

Luffy d Munkey said...

yeah, well if u wanna check out the different types of RX-78, go to , there he reviews most of them. the EX-s is just a monster! hehe

Fon Spark (khaidir) said...

Thanks man =3

Luffy d Munkey said...

no problemo

Q said...

Whoa that's a lot of MGs completed. Glad to know that you're still active (Gunpla and blogging wise)!

Luffy d Munkey said...

thanks Q

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