Saturday, May 1, 2010

loot for april(non-gunpla loot)

ok, this is my crazy loot for april....

it isnt figures or gunpla....

i bought a custom pc!!!

btw can any1 recommend me some games, wanna really c the potential of this bad boy

on to the pics

antec 900 II gaming case

23"benq monitor

Ati radeon 5850 toxic 2gb

phenom II x4 955 black edition

Asus M4A79T deluxe motherboard

corsair DDR3 2gb X 2

creative SB X-Fi sound card

Aywun radi V10 CPU cooler

OCZ XTC Ram cooler.

anyway, if i dun post much, blame it on the PC games ^ ^

til next time~


Tsukinari said...

OMG LOL.. Crazyier than me...

hm.. i would recommend you some fps games, rpg games, and racing game like

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Splinter Cell Conviction

Assasin's Creed 2
Mass Effect 2
Dragon Age Origin
Just Cause 2

Need for Speed Shift

thats some awesome stuffs.. too bad im too much tight budget ^^;;

Luffy d Munkey said...

okey, thanks man. what about RTS games?

Shinra said...

Get into the Star Craft 2 Beta!

Luffy d Munkey said...

@shira- yeah oredy got it. can't wait for the actual 1 to come out :D

Dark-kai3 said...

As a tester I recommend Crysis. If you can run it in very high you've got a keeper. What's Tsukinari said too, they're all good games.

On the RTS front, Starcraft 2 beta ofc, C&C3 and C&C4 when it's out.

Oh Fallout 3 is also good, so get that if you get the chance ^^

Syful said...

I reccomend CRYSIS XD

Evaritus Lau said...

Resident Evil 5, set to highest graphic !

Luffy d Munkey said...

ok, will try crysis n RE5

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